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The Seeds of Kokopelli

The Two Ranges of Kokopelli Seeds:

From the start of 2003, Association Kokopelli is proposing a different modus operandi. In effect, the number of ancient varieties that we wish to protect and bring back into production is increasing year by year. Moreover, our members want to be much more directly involved in the life of the Association producing seed in their own family gardens in order to assist our dynamic of protecting bio-diversity.

To this end we are offering two ranges of seed:

  • The "Boutique" range, offering all the species of garden vegetable plants with a diverse selection of varieties within each species : 200 varieties of Tomatoes, 80 varieties of Squashes, 100 varieties of Peppers, etc...
    The price of these packets will be £2.00 ( £1.80 to Members of the Association).
    The seeds within this range are all produced by professional growers in organic agriculture, all of whom are certified by one of the recognised certifying bodies. The packets will be certified by Soil Association, by Ulase, and by Nature et Progrès.

  • The "Collectors" range, offering hundreds, thousands even, of varieties that are little grown, little known and in many cases on the brink of extinction.
    These packets will be available free to all those members within the "Activist" and "Benefactor" categories, and also to those "Supporters" who are very involved in seed production.
    These seeds in the "Collectors" range will in the medium term be produced by the members themselves, and always employing organic methods of gardening. In the short term, however, our professional growers will equally be involved in this production in order to breathe life into this dynamic.

The complete list of available varieties in the "Boutique" range is available from Chris Baur at Ripple Farm, or from the online seed shop. (link to seed shop) The complete list of the "Collectors" range will be available to Members directly from Association Kokopelli in Ales in France.