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The Seeds of Kokopelli
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The Seeds of Kokopelli

A manual for the production of seeds in the family garden, and
A directory of the seed varieties of Association Kokopelli.

This work presents for each vegetable or grain plant various general headings : botanical classification, history, nutrition, gardening advice. It then presents two headings linked to the reproduction of the plants - "pollination" and "seed production" which set out in detail the different types of pollination, the nature of the plant (autogamous or allogamous), the required distances for isolation, the technique of producing the seed and advice relating to the cleaning, drying, sieving and storing of the seed. There is sometimes an additional heading "varietal creation" for the gardeners wishing to produce their own varieties.

You will also find a directory of something in the region of 2500 varieties or species. We have expanded our research of the old varieties and now propose in the directory more than 600 varieties of tomato, more than 50 varieties of aubergine, more than 300 varieties of sweet and hot pepper, more than 150 varieties of squash, more than 40 varieties of melon, 130 varieties of lettuce, etc. Each variety is fully described with all its characteristics set down.

The price of "The Seeds of Kokopelli" is £24.00 (plus p&p).

If you are unable or unwilling to shell out the cost of the book, there is still the original Terre de Semences Catalogue, containing details of about 1400 varieties, at a cost of £3.00 (plus p&p).